Rougue talent builds for burning crusade,2.4.3 game version

I decided to but several talent builds that I encountered and have used them.

Let’s start with the rogue.The rogue is one of the most powerful classes in world of warcraft.It is the biggest melee damage dealer.Only a warrior with a very good gear can make almost the same damage as the rogue.His poisons make him very dangerous in pvp especially for those who have cloth armor.nueva-imagen-de-mapa-de-bits-21

Here is a 16/0/45 talent.This spec is good for his remarkable capacity of maintaining you alive.It last only 5 seconds without getting any damage to enter in stealth mode.Premeditation and shadowstep will grant you a great advantage upon your enemy.

Here is another-one created by me!

This 21/0/40 talent build will give you some advantages when fighting with more than 1 enemies.It’s very helpful in battlegrounds because it offers you the chance to kill an enemy quick,enter in stealth mode and than get another.The points spent in camouflage will make you undetectable and dirty tricks talent will let you sap your enemies from a great distance.Cold blood from assassination along opportunity will make a great team and will reduce your opponent hp very fast.The players that have cloth armor will die in less than 5 seconds if you use this spec.rougue-talent1

This 3rd talent build is made for pve and raids.The combat talents will help you deal a great amount of damage to any creatures that you encounter.This will help you defeat the mobs that you encounter.It is recommended for you to use this talent build at leveling. It is also recommended on the normal servers because it’s a very weak spec for pvp.rougue-pve



  1. Hell Knight said,

    Very nice man!!! =D

  2. Cowboy From Hell said,

    Nice, but if it’s possible, could you put up a mutiliate build? thanks 😀

    • bratumihai said,

      I believe that mutilate is not such an important ability,and a rogue have many other abilities that can substitute Mutilate.I advice you to use backstab!…you can use it very often and it;s damage is increased a lot…so is better than mutilate ability!

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