Few words about World of Warcraft

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Wow or world of warcraft is an massive multiplayer on-line role playing game released by Blizzard Entertainment in 2003.Since then wow has achieved 11 millions players!

Many ask themselves why wow had such an immense success!Well…I believe that wow is the greatest game ever made.Is not to hard to play,you don’t need a “super-computer” to play it and it’s very interactive.

Blizzard spent large amounts of money in developing the game and make it more attractive.By releasing new patches the game developers managed to make the players never get bored by game.

At first it was it was just World Of Warcraft.

It was a great success since it appeared because of his predecessor Warcraft III.

Because of it’s simplicity wow became one of the largest MMO’s at his time and it’s still the best MMO at this time.Blizzard dose not made the fans wait to long before the first expansion appeared.

The Burning Crusade came with new “cool” things that players found them very attractive . The new continent,the new races,the new items,the new mounts…and a new story.That was what world of warcraft players have found in the first expansion of the game.

Now the latest expansion Wrath of the Lich King seems to be a great success.

I will post about the Lich King as soon as I will have enough information about it.I will post some pictures that will help you guide in the new continent of Northrend…to make it an easier task to make your own way to the Ice crown Glacier…

Here are some screen-shoots:


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